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Quixotic Director Starts New Aerial Acrobatics School in Kansas City

Lucia Aerial Performing Arts opens the last week of September.

Jenny Prohaska, former director of the Quixotic School for Performing Arts leaves the Quixotic organization and starts school and performance company out of south Johnson County. This is in line with a new trend of arts and fine dining originating out of the crossroads and Kansas city moving to new areas out south.

Lucia Aerial Performing Arts is Prohaska’s newest endeavor. Lucia opened the last week in September to full classes and very positive response from Kansas City residents looking for alternative activities for both kids and adults other than traditional fitness and recreational activities such as gymnastics, dance, and yoga.

Photo by Brandon Waldrop

Prohaska has been featured in online fitness publications such as fitness magazine for yahoo.com discussing the striking fitness benefits of aerial acrobatics including aerial silks, trapeze, and lyra as well as her aerial conditioning classes.

But Prohaska’s studio caters to a wide range of athletes and enthusiasts. She has classes for young kids ages 7-12 entitled quaintly, “Sprout Aerial” and unique aerial yoga classes that incorporate more traditional yoga with manageable aerial moves for the absolute beginner, including adult beginners.

Lucia also has a performance company consisting of 25 students and instructors who produce original aerial art. Our youngest company member is 9 years old. Our eldest member is 53. Find out more about Lucia Aerial Performing Arts here: www.luciaaerial.com