Awaken Your Inner Artist at Awaken Whole Life Center

Process Paint Workshop, Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm from Oct. 9th – Nov 13th.

Calling all brave souls! Come play deeply and paint from the inside out in a safe, supportive environment. Process painting is a tool for exploration and self-discovery facilitated in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It essentially means painting from the inside out. Free from comparison, critique or analysis, participants embark on a boundless journey into the unknown with the focus placed on the experience rather than the finished product.

In this 6-week series, you’ll learn to reconnect with the deepest part of yourself using painting as a tool for mindfulness and self-discovery. Process painting workshop facilitators Jenny Hahn and Stephanie Gray will gently guide you in moving through fear and tapping your inner creative wellspring using the tools of tempera paint, paper and present-moment awareness. There are no mistakes and no art experience is necessary. All materials provided.

Find more information about the Process Paint Workshop here.

What do you explore for the Process Paint Workshop?

  • Gain knowledge of self
  • Learn a tool for mindfulness
  • Awaken creative thinking
  • Develop self-acceptance
  • Feel the synergy of painting in community
  • Develop confidence by working through blocks
  • Awaken childlike spontaneity
  • Develop an inner stillness and focus
  • Feel supported without judgment
  • Create without analysis or critique
  • Come alive through play