Nutressant is Kansas City’s Clean Beauty Line

Get the hot, new organic line of body care products, formulated and made right here in the Kansas City metro.

No one wants to think about the chemicals that go into making the health and beauty products we use on a daily basis, but as the world becomes more aware of the benefits of organic, the dangers of inorganic products are hard to hide from. Nutressant, a local, organic body care company, is fully away of these dangers.

“John [Francis, co-owner] made soap for his kids for Christmas in 2007,” Sandy Francis, co-owner of Nutressant, says. “While he was searching for how to make soap, he discovered all the chemicals that are actually in soap.”

Nutressant utilizes organic ingredients, such as olive, coconut, palm and essential oils, to create healthy products. And they have just about every beauty product—bar soap, body butter and deodorant, for example – a beauty enthusiast could want.

“Our most popular products are the deodorant and toothpaste. Two things men and women use every day. I like people to start with the deodorant because of its link to breast cancer. Most include parabens,” Francis says.

Besides parabens, other chemicals come together to allow beauty products to sit on the shelves for a long period of time.

“If it is sitting on a shelf, it has chemicals in it to preserve it,” Francis says. “These chemicals get absorbed into your skin and then they get flushed down the drain. 360 million gallons of shampoo alone goes down the drain each year.”

All this information may seem quite daunting, but Francis says there are five products everyone can switch out right now to get the organic ball rolling. One is clean laundry detergent. As our clothes touch our skin all day long, this is the first line of defense against skin problems. Deodorant comes in second; toothpaste, third. Bar soap is number four. It not only helps skin absorb and retain moisture, but it also keeps the earth clean. Finally, a good, organic moisturizer is crucial. Inorganic moisturizers just sit on top of the skin. An organic moisturizer actually sinks into the skin’s surface.

In many ways, Nutressant is a return to ancestral methods of caring for the skin, hair and teeth. Farming was naturally organic for our ancestors and as a result, the ingredients were organic.

“Our goal is to promote organic body products, but also to help people understand how to use them properly. If people do not understand what they are using and how to use it, they are more inclined to quit using it. Besides keeping preservatives out of our products by keeping them off of store shelves, we also go to farmer’s markets to teach people,” Francis says.

Nutressant can be found at farmer’s markets like Bad Seed and the Overland Park Farmer’s Market. Information on market appearances, product listings and other useful information can be found on Nutressant’s website below.