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On Our Nightstand: Revenue Growth by Gary Dunbar

MIT Graduate Gary Dunbar’s new book lays plain all the hopscotch it takes to gain government contracts, and shows how to structure effective management in order to keep them.

In an ever-unstable marketplace, revenue growth may seem impossible, especially for government contractors. Attaining revenue growth requires a seemingly infinite amount of small changes to a business that are often too daunting to even consider as an actuality.

This exhausting task is made possible and laid out in a step-by-step format in MIT graduate Gary Dunbar’s new book, “Revenue Growth.” Dunbar shares his knowledge of 40 years in government contracting to help others develop effective management tools to achieve revenue growth for their own firms.

“My book, ‘Revenue Growth: A Management Guide for Government Contractors,’ is a compilation of examples and explanations of the most effective management practices for achieving revenue growth that I have experienced,” says Dunbar.

With an in-depth focus on revenue growth leadership, solution value delivery strategy and more, Dunbar pinpoints the specific skills necessary for a successful business and provides the reader with clear methods to improve those skills. “Revenue Growth” outlines everything from how to practically utilize market surveys and revenue forecasts to specific strategies for sequestration/budget reductions. After reading this book, anyone would be able to develop a promising business framework and run it well from management all the way down.

The step-by-step format makes this book particularly unique. “In the plethora of business books in the market today, very few of them are actual How To Do It books,” according to Dunbar. “This book is one of those rare books.”

Dunbar’s company, ClientView Consulting, uses these same methods to help its clients achieve revenue growth by as much as 40 percent per year. Prior to founding ClientView, he was the CEO of a government contracting firm where he led the effort to compile a portfolio of contracts starting from zero dollars and growing to $1 million in four years. This makes Dunbar an ideal author of a book instructing others to increase their own revenue growth. To learn more about Dunbar, go to

While effective management will help a government contractor improve upon its work, management is not everything. In order to touch on all aspects of the business, Dunbar has aspirations to write three follow-up books in a similar manner. They will focus on marketing, positioning and proposing for government contractors. In the meantime, “Revenue Growth” can be purchased at Barnes and Noble (4751 W. 117th St., Leawood), or

—Alex Sher