Meet Kansas City Paranormal Investigator Becky Ray

Kansas City paranormal investigator Becky Ray has been in the business of ghost hunting for almost 30 years. Luckily, the metro area has provided her with a lot of locations to investigate.

Naturally, Ray’s line of work has led her to Atchison, Kansas – often considered the most haunted city in the state – multiple times. Today, she shares her experiences there.

Why is Atchison such a haunted place?

I have a couple of hypotheses. It could be that it is close to the river, so it has been reachable by a lot of different people over the years, and very historical. Besides my hypotheses, I think Atchison may ultimately just seem more haunted, because the residents are very open about hauntings. They embrace it.

The McInteer Villa in Atchison is a popular destination for fans of the paranormal. All photographs courtesy of Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce.

 What is your most memorable moment investigating in Atchison?

We have been into the Sallie House numerous times, but one night my team and I were taking a group through, and I thought someone had wandered off. I saw him in another room, so I went after him to bring him back to the group. He just kept running away from me. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t actually chasing anyone.

Are hauntings mostly negative? What do they feel like?

Hauntings are rarely negative, and really, they are usually over before you realize what has happened. Smells coming out of nowhere are the most reported signs of a haunting, but I’ve also seen people become suddenly overcome with emotion. And the Sallie House definitely has its share of hot and cold spots.

 Top Five Most Haunted in Atchison:

With Halloween just around the corner, these locations are worth a visit. The city of Atchison also offers tours for a spooky night out. Find out more at

Sallie House: Often considered the most haunted location in Atchsion, the Sallie House is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who perished during a surgical procedure in the house, which once belonged to a doctor. Everything from scratches on residents’ skin to levitating toys have been reported. Tours of Sallie House are offered.

Jackson Park: A girl named Molly may haunt this lush park. Though the origins of her death are foggy, Molly’s Hollow is the place in which people have reported chilling cries and the appearance of a ghostly figure.

Theatre Atchison: Built in 1913 as the First Church of Christ, the building was modeled off of its mother church in Boston. In 1973, the Presbyterian Church bought it and turned it into a community theatre. Now, patrons report feeling a presence with them in the theatre. Workers in the building have heard odd noises.

Gargoyle House: Built in 1884-1885 by B.P. Waggener, a lawyer and politician, the Waggener House, or Gargoyle House, was adorned with gargoyles, some say, after Waggener made a deal with the devil. When another homeowner attempted to remove them, he fell to his death.

Benedictine College: Evil spirits may not haunt this campus, but the spirits of the monks that founded Benedictine College may haunt it. Rearranged furniture and self-rocking chairs are a few of the seemingly harmless occurrences.

The Adair mansion, also infamously named The Gargoyle House, as rumors of personal peril spread about the fates of various owners.

Have you gone anywhere in Kansas City where paranormal experiences happened? Tell us about it!