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Lululemon Light Fall Layers You’ll Love

Just because fall is here doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready to get sweaty. Here’s how to do it in style.

lululemon athletica is on a mission to create fitness components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. These light fall layers are two of our favorites yet from their stylish line of high quality workout and yoga outer wear.

The Forme Jacket with the popular cuffins sleeve allows you to warm up without overheating, but still keep your extremities snug and limber as the cuff mittens keep heat trapped. It’s one of lululemon’s most popular styles for fall workout gear because it fits so many different body styles naturally.

Lululemon athletica’s Studio Softshell Tweed jacket a very comfortable, snug piece that loves to be layered with other types of outerwear like sleeveless vests and loose tops. It’s wind and rain resistant, with large pockets, retractable cuffs to seal in body heat and a very comfortable lined hood for morning exercise that requires just an an extra bit of protection from the elements.