22 Hurraw! Lip Balm Flavors and Our Favorite Picks

Hurraw! sent over their collection of lip balms for our editorial and design departments to try…

This week, Hurraw! lip balm sent us over their collection of 22 enticing scents and flavors. Our editorial and design departments could hardly wait to get their hands on one of these tubes of organic goodness, but first, we had them put their noses to the test to sniff out their favorite scent.

Dana Allison-Hill, Art Director –  Black Cherry Tinted, “It smells like candy and it is dual purpose.” Ericka Cherry, Associate Editor, Lifestyle - Vata (Almond Cardamon Rose), “A great combination I certainly never would have dreamed up.” Kathryn Jones, Associate Editor, Business – Earl Grey, “It’s unique. I’ve never seen any lip balms like it before.”
Scott Oswalt, Senior Graphic Designer – Mint, “It smells fresh and clean without being too strong.” Andrew Schiller, Web Editor – Lime, “It’s clean but not overpowering.” Alex Sher, Editorial Intern – Chai Spice, “It smells exactly like the chai tea latte I had this morning.”

Hurraw! can be found at American Apparel (447 W. 47th St.) and It’s a Beautiful Day (3918 Broadway St.). Learn more about Hurraw! and purchase online at