H3: Positive Rap for Kids

Meet “H3”: Music for a healthy lifestyle, healthy living and healthy attitude.

“I just had a passion for music,” Roy Scott says. “With hip-hop, it’s just so negative; we wanted to provide a positive alternative. I started creating a children’s hip-hop album. Then I crossed paths with Reggie at the Mayor’s first event, he brought the magic element to our performances, and that was how the whole thing started.”

That would be Healthy Hip-Hop, or “H3”: Healthy lifestyle, healthy living and healthy attitude. It’s sort of a holistic approach to motivating kids that includes keeping the body healthy with hip-hop moves and exercise, and the mind focused on the positive.

Reggie Gray was already a professional entertainer when he and Roy partnered. He says, “I came in with 12 years of experience performing. We started out doing performances for free all across the Kansas City area, 20–50 a month. It was all about motivating our kids with something different.”

The non-profit program was self-funded from the beginning, but now has help from United Health Care and the Le Bron James Foundation.

On stage Roy Scott is known as “Rappin’ Roy” (seated upright in the photo) and Reggie Gray (upside down in the photo) is “Reggie Reg the Magic Man.” Roy is the more laid-back, introspective, professorial of the duo. Reggie is more “goofy and funny,” as Reggie puts it. Both are smart and articulate.

Only three-years-old, H3 sells CDs for kids of different age levels at US Toy locally and nationally. Soon to come is a motivational magic kit and H3’s very own bottled water: H3o.

As Roy puts it, “We want to change a generation.”

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