Into the Woods, Naturally

Jill McKeever, Kansas City-based creator of For Strange Women, utilizes traditional European botanical perfumery to craft the intriguing scents of her solid perfumes, oils and lip balms.

McKeever’s lip embellishment “Welcome to the Forest” gift set ($28) is a good place to start a For Strange Women collection.

Four lip balms—in .21 oz. compostable, sturdy push tubes—are made from butters, oils, vitamin E and beeswax. Scents included are Pine Cone—woodsy, evergreen—Clove—spicy, sweet—Poison Ivy—herbaceous and green without containing any actual poison ivy—and Rosewood—fruity.

The lip balms are presented in a gift box lined with natural toned moss, making it the perfect gift for men and women alike. The lip balm is 100 percent natural with no synthetic flavors, colors, preservatives or fragrance used, so this is also an ideal gift for the health conscious.

For Strange Women products are also carried at Birdie’s Panties.