Fall Makeup Trends to Look For

Susan Saskin of Halls on the Country Club Plaza has six years of experience and five pieces of advice.

Susan Saskin, a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown at Halls on the Country Club Plaza, has worked in Kansas City for six years. Although she originally earned her degree in fashion design, Saskin discovered that her natural talent is to help women across the country find what works best for their skin.

“It’s very hard to say what the fall makeup trends will be, it sort of depends on what suits you best,” Saskin says. “You can take into account what they’re showing, but it’s ultimately what looks good and works for you.”

What fall makeup trends to look for:

1. Velvety soft skin:

“There is less of a matte foundation finish and more of a velvet finish.”

How to master the look:

Saskin suggests trying BB creams and adjusting foundation to fit your skin tone as your summer tan fades.

2. Lip stains:

“Stains are really big for fall for lips and not doing a heavy look for lips, reintroducing stains to have that bitten look.”

How to master the look:

Pair a darker lip stain with natural eye shadows or pair a lighter stain with more dramatic eye colors.

3. Navy eyeliner:

“Eyeliner is a help to everyone, it’s important. It makes your eyes pop.”

How to master the look:

Create a smoky-eyed look using shades of blue and use the navy eyeliner as the finishing touch.

4. Saskin’s Pro Tip:

Good skin is being stressed more than ever, because if you take care of your skin and use the right foundations, barefaced will be your best look and then you can touch it up with bare makeup or go glam with a smoky eye for the evening.”

5. Things to Avoid:

• For the fall, Saskin suggests staying away from the brighter, candy colors and pursuing deeper shades of your favorite colors.

• Saskin also says it’s best to stay away from a glitter overload. Pick a spot on the face for glitter or shimmer, the eyes, cheeks or lips, and focus the shimmer on that area.