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Cupcake a la Mode: Small Cakes, Big Flavor

Kansas City’s Cupcake a la Mode is proving that handcrafted tiny cakes are still the hottest trend in dessert.

Building upon vanilla or chocolate bases, Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Clark tops her cakes with layers of creamy buttercream and flavor-revealing garnishes, such as coconut, chocolate shavings and candy. For Clark, the flavor combinations are the best part of creating these delectable cakes.

“I love the idea that one simple piece of cake, say banana, for example, can be transformed into something that appeals to almost anyone by simply changing the buttercreams and toppings. [It can be] bananas foster, banana split, banana with cream cheese icing and pecans, banana with Nutella, banana with peanut butter and honey,” Clark says.

Take, for example, the Stuffed French Toast cupcake, a wicked nod to a breakfast time favorite. A vanilla cake is filled with cream cheese icing and topped with a swirl of maple cinnamon buttercream and a sprinkling of powdered sugar, effectively upping the sugar ante on a drizzle of maple syrup. Chocoholic? The Chocolate Obsession pairs a chocolate cake with rich chocolate buttercream and a covering of dark chocolate shavings. The toppings may indicate the flavors to come, but it only takes one bite to discover the deliciousness of these cupcakes.

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Chef Clark makes special note of holidays and has been called to cater numerous events where she has miraculously crafted her cupcakes to fit each theme perfectly.

“One of my favorite fall flavors is my “Pig Skin” cupcake. We make it during football season on Sundays and Mondays. It’s a chocolate cupcake dunked in Guinness, topped with chocolate Guinness buttercream, rolled in crushed pretzels and crispy bacon pieces, drizzled with melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt,” Clark says.

Chef Clark started her company, with the help of her husband Daniel, as a home-based, custom order business. Since 2008, Cupcake a la Mode has gained popularity locally and nationally, with the Roseville, Cali. location.

The cupcakery takes online and in-shop large orders and serves small, custom-ordered cakes, as well as gluten-free cupcakes. It’s best to stop into the shop every once in a while, as Flavors of the Month crop up often and the décor is nothing short of cheery. Meant to encourage cupcake cravers to sit down and enjoy their cupcake in a café-like setting, the Parisian pink setting is the ideal spot to catch up with a friend or treat a young girl to a birthday surprise.

Behold, the swirly, twirly glory of Cupcake a la Mode’s Bella Nutella.