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Extra Two Inches Makes a Difference

You won’t find many shoe lines that are as tough, stylish and carefully crafted as Clark’s. This fall, Dillard’s of KC features two big winners for great looks and long life.

These days, Clark’s bootie designs are a long way from their original Wallabee, but they have taken care to preserve their reputation as designers who can mold leather into anything from dainty and divine, to rugged and brash.

Their patented Active Air system protects your every step thanks to the shock-absorbing air cushion underneath the insole. The Clark’s range has maintained its own demanding standards which have become the hallmarks of the brand, while successfully venturing into new dimensions of style and design. Put their boots on, and get ready to cover some ground with less pain and more gain.

Ingalls Sea Booties

A chic Clark’s bootie features smoothly curved seams, with just the right amount of elegance. It’s made for long days and built for warm comfort. It has a 2″ heel that helps you look your best, but feel even better once they come off because of the Ortholite footbed.



Mojita Sorbet Moto Bootie

Tough but tender for long rides, or just a quick errand, the Mojita Sorbet Moto commands attention, but never looks out of place in a variety of situations. The leather has just the right amount of sheen so it looks complimentary to several styles of outfits; it’s worn, but new. It’s you, ready for action. Like many of Clark’s booties, it features a side-zip for easy access.