You Are What You Drink

Hot and cold are handled with new Bobble Hot & Cold bottles.

What you drink out of is just as important as what you drink. Don’t render a hydrating and healthy bottle of water toxic with chemicals from the plastic. And don’t spoil the Earth with disposable bottles. This is sound advice but difficult to put into practice with the sea of easily breakable, unstylish bottles in the marketplace.

Bobble water bottles are the bottles to end all water bottles. Beautifully designed and BPA free, bobble bottles ensure that the daily drinking experience is not a hassle. On top of these benefits, bobble comes in bobble hot and bobble iced, so you can transition drinks throughout the day.

Bobble hot ($9.99) provides the best coffee-drinking experience yet. A double insulation wall traps and circulates heat, preventing coffee from becoming lukewarm too quickly. The insulated exterior also keeps the outside cool, eliminating the need for sleeves or timid touching. It also slips easily into coffee machines and cup holders; it’s dishwasher safe and has a spill-resistant lid to prevent desk accidents.

bobble iced ($8.99) plays on the original bottle design, but it functions to keep drinks colder longer. It features a reusable straw that doubles as a stirrer. It also fits into coffee machines easily for iced coffee and fits easily into a cup holder. The lid is still spill resistant and the slip-on grip makes it great for a life led on the go.

Order your own hot and iced pair from Bloomingdale’s Online by clicking the image below.