Anti-Spy Wallet: For the Common and Uncommon Man

This stainless steel Zippo wallet looks great, but has a very interesting purpose at the core of its design.

Identity thieves have once again found a way to be one step ahead of their victims. It’s been recently revealed that thieves can download an Internet program onto their smartphones and other mobile devices to send out radio signals that steal information from the magnetic strips on IDs and credit cards.

Now, those who were previously vulnerable to such an obscene act of identify theft can protect themselves with the Zippo Stainless Metal Wallet. The wallet features a strong outer shell of stainless steel that cannot be penetrated by harmful radio signals. Not only does the outer shell have practical purposes, it’s also extremely stylish. The wallet contains a stainless steel organizer in the middle for extra protection and ease. The design holds six credit card holder slots, an ID window and a money pocket. With all that space, the wallet works as a wallet and money clip at the same time.

The wallet’s intelligent design includes a flexible polymer body and a small size of 4.5” by 3” by 1 cm. When closed, the wallet is only three-fourths of an inch thick, so it fits easily into any pocket. The result is an incredibly lightweight and comfortable piece of machinery that is easy to open and use. In addition, the wallet is exceptionally strong and durable. In fact, Zippo is so confident in its new wallet that the company guarantees life-long durability.

Those interested in buying the Zippo Stainless Metal Wallet have many different options. The wallets can be purchased at a base price of $50 with the option of a personalized engraving for a small fee from Things Remembered online at They can also be found online at for $49.95, and sells the wallets at a reduced price.

From the company that introduced the popular lighters, the new Zippo Stainless Metal Wallet is just as practical, durable and stylish. ~ Alex Sher