5 Reasons Former Mayor Joe Reardon Made His Name

The man who sealed the deal to bring Google Fiber to the Kansas City metro area means so much more to his constituents.

  1. Joe Reardon’s father, the late John E. “Jack” Reardon was the youngest mayor in Kansas history at the age of 31. Joe was 35 when he became mayor.
  2. Joe’s uncle, Bill Reardon, served in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1975 until 2004 when he was replaced by his wife Kathy.
  3. Joe was named “2012 Mayor of the Year” by the Kansas Mayors Association
  4. A resident of Wyandotte County, Joe has referred to himself as “A true ‘Dotte’ to the core”
  5. During his first term, Mayor Joe Reardon established his First Floor First Fridays event, which enabled citizens to meet face-to-face with government officials, which proved to be extremely popular.

Former Mayor Joe Reardon with the Google Fiber display in Kansas City. Photo by Paul Andrews.