5 Local Restaurants Earning National Press Attention

Kansas City has been earning national recognition from the foodies of the world. Who’s collecting the kudos?

Kansas City’s restaurant scene is no longer a secret. At least, it would seem that way based on the amount of national press covering local favorites lately. Here is just a fraction of the Kansas City culinary praise appearing in national publications.

Christopher Elbow: Food & Wine recently named Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolate to its “Best Chocolate in the U.S.” list. Christopher Elbow’s Venezuelan Spiced hot chocolate also made the food magazine’s “Best Hot Chocolate in the U.S.” list. Christopher Elbow’s artisanal ice cream shop, Glacé was also mentioned in Travel + Leisure last month.

Local Pig: Back in January, Local Pig snagged a mentioned in The New York Times. The local charcuterie was praised for its butchery classes, which teach interested parties how to properly break down meat into usable cuts.

Rye: Rye appeared in the August/September issue of Saveur, its Best Comfort Food issue. Besides a great write-up about the food, Rye’s extra crispy fried chicken also appears on the cover. Check out the issue on or fire up the oven and try out a recipe from this issue, like Rye’s Lemon Curd Layer Cake with White Chocolate Buttercream.

Anton’s Taproom: This week, Anton’s Taproom received recognition for its dry-aged steaks in The New York Times. Chatty proprietor Anton Kotar is certainly a central figure in the story, but Chef Brian Bromwell, who trained under Chef Gordon Ramsay in New York, and his work in the kitchen are memorable.

Oklahoma Joe’s: No surprise for locals, but Oklahoma Joe’s ribs were voted the best in the nation in USA TODAY. It goes without saying that Oklahoma Joe’s gets a lot of local and national press. This week, it was for providing the Minnesota Twins with 50 Z-Man sandwiches, which may have fueled their win against the Royals. Oklahoma Joe’s promptly sent the Royals 51 Z-Man sandwiches to make amends.