4 Motivational Mobile Apps


Mobile phones don’t necessarily have to serve as distractions – they can actually aid your self-improvement (with the right app, of course).

All too often, the greatest hurdle to setting and achieving goals is staying motivated, especially when there’s a smartphone in your pocket eager to distract you. Fortunately, there are countless apps on the market designed to help users track and monitor their goals, whether personal or professional.

4 Motivational Mobile Apps We Recommend

43 Things – Developed by The Robot Co-op (creators of social travel weblog 43 Places) 43 Things is a social goal-making site that helps users establish a list of goals — be it “Run a Marathon” or “Write a Book” — and set reminders about their resolutions and connect to those with similar aspirations by sending and receiving “cheers” for moral support.

Mobile Support: iOS

Price: Free

Lifetick – Unlike most motivation apps in the marketplace, Lifetick helps users define why a goal is important to them by identifying their core values. The site provides email reminders, progress charting (such as how much money was saved that week or how many visits were made to the gym) and journal tools through the S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) goal-monitoring system.

Mobile Support: iOS, Android and Palm Web App

Price: Free

Happier – This app uses the science of positive psychology to motivate users to focus on the good things in life. They are encouraged to share three pleasant experiences daily with the idea that three positive moments a day can lead to a demonstrable boost in endorphins. Family and friends can “smile” at these posts for further positive reinforcement.

Mobile Support: iOS

Price: Free

Couch-To-5K – There is no shortage of fitness-oriented apps, but this one pertains to beginning runners or those who need a little more motivation to get back in the game. The idea is that if users employ the app for 30 minutes a day, three days a week for eight weeks, they should be comfortably running a 5K in less than three months. The app accesses users’ music playlists as they run, while an interactive coach (options include a hilarious zombie) motivates them throughout each session.

Mobile Support: iOS and Android

Price: $1.99