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That’s Using Your Bean!

Thou Mayest Coffee Founders Bo Nelson and Bill Holzhuerter originally started their brewing business in Nelson’s garage.

Story by Allison Kohn. Photo by Nathan Eaton.

Thou Mayest, a name taken from John Steinbeck’s East of Eden that means the way is open for man to choose his path, has transformed the coffee bean business with its focus on the senses and the coffee drinking experience. The Sulawesi coffee beans ($20 for a pound of coffee beans) are specially selected from the Tana Toraja region of Sulawesi in Indonesia. This coffee has a low acidity. It is particularly balanced and full with a bit of sweetness and an herbal earthiness.

You can find Thou Mayest Coffee at Aixois (251 East 55th St.) and The Upper Crust Bakery (7943 Santa Fe, Overland Park, Kan.).