Robert “VisualSoul” Bustamante is Half Man, Half Amazing


A true rising star artist, he’s never content to stay in one place and loves working on many things at once.

Robert Tapley Bustamante is a nationally recognized artist and designer going by the street name of VisualSoul. He is often described as “half man and half amazing” because his passion for visual communication fluidly extends into live performance painting. He has live-painted to some of the biggest rock bands in the world such as The Black Keys, Primus, Grace Potter, Eminem, Yelawolf and Rakim.

Most recently, he won a first-place award for his painting at the annual Latino Bravisimo show put on by the City of Lenexa. He says, “I paint in a very primal way, embracing mystery, and am more interested in a fluid visual language than replicating specific environments or places.”

Bustamante’s sights are set on a charity event called Art for Arthritis, a partnership with The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and sponsored by Children’s Mercy Hospital. This event, planned for September 6, will reveal collaborative art between many artists and juvenile arthritis kids. He says, “I love getting art directly to the people, therefore I am also performing street art while making a series of art stickers for a massive show in Australia later this fall. Always on the move and restless, I like to work on many things at once.”

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