What’s in Donna of Donna’s Dress Shop’s Purse?

Ever wonder what’s in the purses of some of Kansas City’s most fashionable personalities? Step right in…

Donna of Donna’s Dress Shop on 39th Street has long been dressing up fashionable, quirky and vintage-loving women in the metro area. Her shop is a treasure trove of dresses from a mixed bag of eras, eye-catching jewelry and creamy lipsticks in colors that evoke the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Donna shares some of her daily necessities, favorite products and in-case-of-emergency items she keeps in her purse.

Purse: 1960s green patent leather purse—“Sleek and smart.”

Here’s what’s in Donna’s purse:

Matching 1960s green gloves—“Because a lady always carries gloves.”

Velvet Creme Cheesy Popcorn—“It’s such a delight to go in the Velvet Creme store in Kansas City, Kan. I simply can’t go anywhere without a bag of their delicious cheesy popcorn.”

Pucci Sunglasses—“These are huge, Pucci and vintage—the three things that I look for in a pair of sunglasses.”

1950s silk scarf—“For windy emergencies, to protect my bouffant.”

Besame lipstick in Carmine–“My favorite lipstick in my favorite coral, which we carry at Donna’s Dress Shop. It’s so luxurious; it’s really like a cashmere sweater for your lips.”

Lipstick knife–“Because sometimes you need lipstick, sometimes you need a knife.”