Handcrafted Leather Goods That Never Go Out of Style

Natural leather that gains character as it ages.

KC CO. produces quality leather goods with simple, functional design. Take their wallet ($85), for instance. Two pockets for cards and one strap for cash. Then, consider the watchstrap, which is cut and stitched by hand ($85).

Despite the old-fashioned vibe of KC CO.’s products, the case they make for tablets is thoroughly modern without losing their simple aesthetic (pictured above $130). The wrapped design creates pockets on both sides of the case, pockets perfect for the creative type to store paper, pens, pencils and, of course, technology. KC CO. uses 4-5 ounce natural vegetable tanned leather that will age over time into a deep caramel color. This stunning leather is sourced from a Midwestern tannery that has been around since the 1800s. The case is stitched using a saddle-stitch, a method that has been lost to the ages but is stronger than the typical machine lock-stitch.

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