David Ford’s Decade of Performance Art


Local art lovers know that critically acclaimed artist David Ford has been a major creative force in Kansas City’s art scene for years.

Negra, David Ford 2013

He not only produces thought-provoking art, but he has also collaborated with and inspired a generation of younger artists. His work has been championed and reviewed in Art in America, ArtPapers, Flavorpill and Village Voice. Ford’s work tackles political, social and cultural themes with provocative art that challenges convention.

David Ford’s Maximon––a performance spectacle ongoing over 10 years––will be open to the public on October 28th this year. Ford says, “This immersive performance installation confronts the issue of the backward days in the Mayan calendar and finds a place for these dark activities. The passion play draws hundreds yearly and provides an opportunity for the public to interact with the living sculpture.” 

Maximon is also featured in “Emergency Index,” a book that documents cutting-edge performance artists around the world. Ford was also recently put in the spotlight at Whitehot magazine, with some interesting commentary about his effect on the city around him.

Earlier this year, he completed “Negra,” a painting on exhibit at the Counterpath gallery and performance art space in Denver. He continues to work on related paintings for this body of work in his studio for the upcoming season.

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