City’s Best: The Roasterie Coffee Shop


Kansas City’s Bean Baron continues to improve and expand his coffee syndicate and the results are impressive enough to land The Roasterie in the top Coffee Shop spot.

Kansas City’s coffee shop scene has improved with batch after batch of high-quality, sourced beans roasted, ground and served as premium cups of coffee over the past decade.

While locals have more abundant choices than ever, The Roasterie continues to be a popular choice for its portfolio of the world’s best coffee beans and the flavors and aromas unleashed by baristas serving up a Brookside Bob or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Fair Trade Organic.

Not to be overlooked, The Roasterie’s friendly, community-driven cafés in Brookside, Leawood and factory/retail/event space only enhance the experience of good coffee from a treasured local company that just turned 20 years old. Visit Danny O’Neill and friends at

The Roasterie coffee factory and event space just off of Southwest Boulevard in downtown Kansas City.