City’s Best: River Market Antiques

Who’s suprised that the biggest, baddest antique mall of them all came out on top? Walk in and get lost for a day.

How many floors of antiques does it take to satisfy local vintage-hungry shoppers? Thanks to River Market Antiques, this year’s Best Antique Store, the number stands at a minimum of four.

River Market Antiques is one of many antique stores that have cropped up in the city’s revitalized warehouses, but few are this big—River Market Antiques offers more than 30,000 square-feet of vintage goods, antique furniture, artisan crafts and uncommon oddities, all tucked away behind the Lewis and Clark mural.

This is not your grandmother’s antique mall—with more than 175 different vendors displaying their crafts and collections, River Market Antiques is the place to buy anything from a bear skin rug to a church pew, bicycle or baker’s rack.