City’s Best: Joshua Judy


Joshua is a star server for Bread & Butter Concepts restaurants all over town, but his work at Gram & Dun Gastropub secured his title as the City’s Best Server 2013.

Joshua Judy is a service star at Gram & Dun. He has also helped open BRGR at the Power & Light District and worked at Urban Table (all owned by Bread & Butter Concepts), but diners know him best at the Plaza-based gastropub.

“For me service is crafting the best experience possible for everyone that walks in the door,” says Judy. “It is more than just executing an order, it’s drawing together what the guest wants with what is available in the restaurant. A solid team is required, so working together with the other front of house team members, with the back of house and the management is essential. I love being the third wheel of an anniversary or date night. Providing the seamless, silent service for a business meeting or making a bachelorette feel like the star of the show.”

Joshua Judy with his Bread & Butter Concepts service team during the 2013 Jazzoo event. Joshua is fourth from the right on the back row.