City’s Best: Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant


Uniquely serving burgers & fries to kids with wide eyes has been Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant’s specialty for years, and helped it handily win our City’s Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant category.

Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant brings to mind memories of “Petticoat Junction,” the sixties comedy revolving around the Hooterville Cannonball and friendly folks at the Shady Rest Hotel. Something about local charm, hospitality and the chug-chug, woot! of a railroad train inspires nostalgia––a key ingredient at Fritz’s.

Since 1954, families have headed to Fritz’s to place an order and then watch the meal be delivered directly to the table via a signature restaurant-wide railroad. Burgers and fries lowered to surrounding tables by train delivery cars is the ultimate in remote-control food.

Photos by Pete Dulin.

Open in Crown Center, Shawnee and Kansas City, Kan., Fritz’s brings out the little engine that could in all of us.