Buckle Up, Kansas City

“Our goods get better with time. Vegetable-tanned leather is really incredible stuff,” says Dominic Scalise, owner of KC CO.

Scalise explains how the Natural Belt ($110), made of thick, natural, 11-oz. vegetable tanned leather and hand-stitched, ages beautifully over time. He says, “The belt on the left has been worn daily for one year. The belt on the right is brand new. No dye has touched either belt; the rich color on the worn one is merely from exposure to the elements––sunlight, skin oil, water… multiple sledding adventures from this past winter. They really gain character. They earn stories, and I think that’s one thing that really excites people about these pieces.”

Each belt is not only cut by hand, but also hand-stitched using a traditional saddle-stitch. This age-old method is stronger than the typical machine lock-stitch. They incorporate these techniques into nearly every leather accessory they make.

“We fully back stitch the belts, which is most definitely excessive,” Scalise says. “The thread we use is a thick polyester cord that is incredibly strong and resistant to sun wear. The belt buckle is a tank-like, heavy stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting.”

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