Top Bioscience Stories for Kansas City: Aug. 30

This week we feature news about VAM Connect, Stason Animal Health, why the KC Animal Corridor is vital to business, a medicine research institute to be considered by Jackson County voters, and 5 things you should know about Obamacare.

VAM Connect Streamlines Communication for KC’s Animal Health Firms

A joint venture between two area animal health companies is attempting to solve routine document management issues between researchers, manufacturers and distributors. How well does it work?

Stason Animal Health Selects Kansas City for Relocation

Another high-powered pharma company decides to call the KC Animal Health Corridor “home”. They’re moving their headquarters all the way from Vancouver to KC. What brought them all this way?

6 Reasons Why the KC Animal Health Corridor is a Vital Asset to the Region

Bob Marcusse, CEO of the Kansas City Area Development Council weighs in on how and why the KC Animal Health Corridor will give our Midwestern region an R&D/Investment advantage and all the economic spoils that comes with it for decades to come. He outlines six important factors…

Jackson County Translational Institute of Medicine on the KC Ballot this Nov.

Jackson County voters will decide Nov. 5 if they want a world-class medical research institute that could transform the state of medical care, and the economy, of this region. If approved, the University of Missouri-Kansas City would be a partner in the institute. Read more about the details of the ballot proposal.

5 Things Your Business Should Consider for the Age of Obamacare

The deadline is a mere 30 days away, and lots of uncertainty is coming with it. Most experts agree that small businesses will be affected most, but our KC business experts have some pointers for companies of all sizes. Where should your business start?