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SquareOneStudio Can Make Your Office Look Cool

SquareOneStudio brings well-made furniture back to office spaces

Imagine an office building. Various rooms, carpet and furniture. Chances are the picture that comes to mind is not a pretty one. The furniture is probably dated and clunky and the space is likely crammed and non-functional.

SquareOneStudio, a custom furniture design and manufacturing company, is the solution to the problems most office spaces face. Commercial furniture manufacturers are often limited in their ability to provide interesting, innovative design that is a good fit for a space, but SquareOne gives their clients exactly what they want.

“If a client wants a piece that is 17-feet-long, we can make something that long. If they want something that is 19-feet-long, we can make that, too,” principal Chad Grossenkemper says.

SquareOne starts from just that, square one, to create pieces that not only perfectly fit spaces, but also utilize higher quality materials that will not become quickly dated.


“If you can draw it on a napkin or piece of paper, we can build it using the materials you want,” Grossenkemper says. The team at SquareOne does provide structural input when they can see a way that their client’s furniture idea could function better.

“One time we had a client ask us to build a 16-foot-long table that could also be moved from a conference room by their employees,” Grossenkemper says.

As problematic as this seems, SquareOne came up with a table design that allows a long veneer table to be split into two eight-foot long pieces and easily carried out by employees, regardless of the strength of each employee or the restraint of work clothes.

In addition to, and in the process of, building high-end furniture, SquareOne works with back-coating glass, graphics, signage and metal. Many of their completed projects are shipped nationwide but still maintain their high quality.

SquareOne’s status as a custom-furnishing manufacturer allows the team to not only pay close attention to detail, but also to the future of furniture design.