Recommended Kansas City Spas: Awaken Whole Life Center

More than just a place to relax, Awaken Whole Life Center is a Kansas City Spa community with whole body and mind health on the menu.

Experience the blessings of Awaken Whole Life Center, where the great wisdom of all cultures speaks to the interwoven fabric of our lives. In fact, the way in which we travel life’s journey directly affects all other beings and determines how it is we see the world, according to the staff at the Unity Village, Mo., spa.

In seeking to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit, Awaken Whole Life Center truly believes in holistically healing the self so that, together, we may begin to heal our world. Specifically, Awaken Whole Life Center helps individuals rediscover inner harmony by awakening the self through the complementary paths of yoga, spa and wellness. From the proven scientific and modern natural products offered and its one-of-a-kind Crystal Quartz Table, the spa brings the best treatments the world has to offer.

“Our integrated approach to health and wellness, viewing the whole person and addressing each individually, is what sets us apart from anything else in the metro,” says General Manager Tara Hitzig.

Awaken encourages patrons to challenge the body and center the mind through the practice of Hatha yoga or individual personal fitness instruction. Experience wellness from an acupuncturist, chiropractor or other master practitioners, and delve deeper into personal healing with the spa’s integrative medical team. Likewise, patrons can expand their minds by immersing with one of its transformative retreats, featuring world-renowned facilitators. Or, says Hitzig, transcend your spirit with spiritual mentoring and dialogue, affirmative prayer, ritual and ceremony, creative expression, music and meditation.

“Awaken aims to work directly with each individual to determine their specific needs and goals and help them achieve it,” Hitzig says. “Our experienced, professional staff offers years of knowledge to offer the best therapy available. Our services encompass everything for the body, mind and spirit, and our retreats are an excellent source of transformative experiences to awaken each person to their own inner source.”

According to Hitzig, the journey begins with a personal consultation or by creating your own integrated program from Awaken’s unique array of services including the Crystal Quartz Table and OM Pod, Awaken Signature Warming Rose Body Therapy and individual spiritual transformative experiences—one-of-a-kind retreats to open the connection between the body, mind and spirit. “There is no time like this moment to embrace Awaken Whole Life Center,” Hitzig says. Visit for more information.

Story by Susan Fotovich McCabe

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