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Meet KC’s Iron Man: Metal Artist Pascal Meya

Meya Metalworks creates pieces that are functional through the filter of metalworker Pascal Meya’s creative vision.

Many people work simply for the money, but Metalworker Pascal Meya truly loves what he does for a living, even after more than a decade of working in Kansas City. He creates functional and aesthetically pleasing metalwork for both commercial and residential projects. “When you are self-employed, you are self-motivated and work harder and longer,” Meya says.

Born in southern France, Meya attended machine school at the age of 15. He told his uncle he wanted to travel, and his uncle suggested going into the machine trade so he could market his skills anywhere in the world. After working multiple jobs in various American cities, Meya landed in Kansas City, the hometown of his wife and ceramic artist Amy Meya. He started Meya Metalworks 11 years ago. To Meya, his work is incredibly rewarding. He designs and fabricates custom metalwork, something in which he takes well-earned pride. His projects include stairs, railings, furniture and balconies. His handiwork can be seen in restaurants in Westport and on the Plaza, as well as on landmark buildings such as the Kauffman Performing Arts Center. Recent projects include a balcony in Lake Lotawana and metalwork on the Red Iron Grill restaurant in Leawood.

For Meya, every project he works on is enjoyable. One of his favorite projects is a set of stairs he constructed in Kansas City when he was still working out of his house and garage, quite the innovative challenge. He now operates in a downtown workshop (507 East 16th St.) with more space.

“Every project requires a unique approach, depending on how you look at it,” Meya says. “I always try to combine creativity with functionality.”

He emphasizes the personal touch of his one-man business. It’s important for him to understand what clients want and help them to actualize the design of their projects. The quality of Meya’s work and attention to detail often results in many repeat customers. “People feel good when they know they’re being treated right,” Meya says.

In the future, Meya has potential projects as far away as Chicago. Faced with the demands of a growing business, Meya may expand his one-person operation, but for now he is happy to do what he loves best—create elegant and efficient metalwork.