Lapka Environment Monitor Creates Air of Sophistication


Get accurate information about your immediate environment in the palm of your hand.

Apps and software are getting more impressive all the time.

The Lapka Personal Environment Monitor is a set of four pods that connect to an iPhone to measure different environmental qualities. It displays the information on visually pleasing and easy-to-understand free software from the App Store and records measurements to a daily diary. Each pod is free of lead and resistant to water. One pod can give you the current temperature and humidity level. Another can record the strength of both high- and low-frequency electromagnetic fields. The last two measure background radiation levels and nitrate levels of fruits and vegetables.

Different presets for each pod make the information more accurate. For example, in detecting beta and gamma background radiation, safe and expected levels would be different if you were at home rather than, say, on an airplane. So, separate settings can be used for each of these environments.

For testing organic matter, there are currently 10 pre-set fruits and vegetables (with more on the way) in which you can test nitrate levels to measure whether the food was actually produced organically or if synthetic fertilizers were used. Simply stick the stainless-steel probe into the produce in question, and the software will compare its nitrate levels to the amount that would be present naturally. If there are an excess of nitrates, it’s probably not as organic as the seller claims.

Those with sensitive health issues or particular interest in environmental qualities can purchase the Lapka Personal Environment Monitor from for $249. The rest of us may marvel at these pocket-sized technological advances and look forward to future additions.