Jose Faus Finds Time for Reflection and Execution

“Kansas City has afforded me a chance to explore any number of activities and approaches without having to compromise my instincts.”

Multi-media artist Faus will be one of several artists presenting work on August 19, 7 p.m., in “A Romantic Affäre–The 24,” a multi-course performance at the downtown German restaurant Affäre. The event also features world-class tenor duo Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner, projective artist Nate Bogert and programming artist Matt Bell, who will use digital media and projection to tie this sensory experience together. 

Also this summer, Faus will participate in a group show titled “Rebellion” that opens Sunday, September 22, 3-5 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center as part of the Community Artist Fellows Program. Other artists in the show include Nicole Emanuel, Bonye Brown, Maura Garcia and several others.

Faus explains his motivation for creating art in Kansas City: “The city has afforded me a chance to explore any number of activities and approaches without having to compromise my instincts. It is an affordable place and on any given day, my thoughts are not overwhelmed by fears of survival. There is space here for reflection and execution.”

He continues, “The cost of living here is not the only reason to work here. It also has a vibrant scene across all disciplines. There are numerous venues for plays, open mics for poets and writers and music performances and wide availability of galleries and spaces to exhibit. Most importantly, there are a lot of people here with a creative mindset that are not sitting around waiting for opportunity to come their way or bemoaning that we are not Chicago or New York or L.A. We are who we are––open and doing it. It just feels right to be here and now and be part of something really exciting. It is not heaven, but it is something to build on. Just got to drag the audience along.”

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