Public Forum to Discuss 135th Street Corridor Development in Leawood

Residents are invited to participate in three forums in August, September and October to discuss development plans for the 135th Street Corridor in Leawood. City officials want your input.

One of Leawood’s last remaining undeveloped areas is along the 135th Street Corridor between Nall Avenue and State Line Road. To establish a vision for the continued development and completion of improvements along and near the corridor, the City is just beginning the 135th Street Corridor Plan process.

The project, which will conclude in November, will result in a future land use plan for the corridor study area and outline near-term and long-term transportation improvements, including roads and biking and pedestrian enhancements. The plan also will address park and open space connections as well as how the city can work with the private sector to create an aesthetically pleasing and well-designed corridor that serves as a strong front door to the community.

Community meetings will be held August 22, September 18 and October 17 at 7 p.m. at Ironwoods Park. Check the city’s home page and the 135th Street Plan tab for details. There is an interactive questions and comments blog that will run throughout the planning stages.

The website will be updated periodically, to include information and documents related to existing conditions along the 135th Street corridor and information and graphics related to preliminary and final plans for the corridor. Join the conversation, online or by attending a meeting, about this important planning effort for the future of Leawood.

Source: Leawood Chamber of Commerce