City’s Best: Extra Virgin


A perfect atmosphere just a bit past casual and food that’s always done perfectly have made Extra Virgin the City’s Best Date Night Restaurant.

Love is in the air at Extra Virgin Restaurant, where key elements mix together to create a recipe for romance. The restaurant’s ambiance provides enough background noise to avoid awkward silences without overpowering flirtatious convo.

Extended happy hours and a huge selection of by-the-glass wines blend with a varied menu—featuring items like duck tongue tacos for adventurous eaters or poblano mac-n-cheese for the more traditional—to create an atmosphere perfect for two. Finally, Extra Virgin’s consistently stellar food quality forms the key ingredient in this love potion.

“Having a James Beard Award-winning chef at the helm is what sets Extra Virgin apart,” co-owner Nancy Smith says. “You know you can trust the food to be one thing you won’t have to worry about on your special date, because Chef Michael Smith will take care of that while you worry about securing a second date.”

Photo courtesy of Extra Virgin’s website.