City’s Best: Eggtc.

Steep competition came about in a lot of our City’s Best categories, but KC’s Best Brunch / Breakfast Restaurant may have been the most contentious of them all. Why Eggtc.?

Kansas Citians are not shy about putting all of their eggs in this basket. Since its opening seven years ago, eggtc., this year’s Best Brunch/Breakfast winner, has become a household name and a mainstay for breakfast lovers.

Boasting two locations and a shiny new food truck for catering events, eggtc. whips together breakfast classics—like eggs, waffles, pancakes and crepes—with brunch musts (think Bloody Marys and cappuccinos).

Even out-of-towners crave breakfast from this joint (reviews abound from visitors claiming this is a must-eat in KC), and regulars, known affectionately as “Great Eggs,” are honored with their own webpages.