The Definitive KC Barbecue Documentary

Filmmakers Martin Diggs and Kevin Fossland, the duo behind Burnt Ends Media, have a passion for barbecue, so they decided to create the Kansas City Barbecue Documentary Project in order to understand just what’s so special about KC’s barbecue.

Fossland’s research for a barbecue-based app led him to the discovery that no one had made a documentary on Kansas City’s barbecue. Diggs has a degree in film from the University of Kansas, so filming a barbecue documentary seemed like a natural project for them to team up on.

The documentary will explore the history, methodology, competitions, restaurants, backyards, neighborhoods and parks that add richness to the barbecue lifestyle. A lot has been produced and written about Kansas City’s barbecue culture recently—Food Network, Travel Channel, USA TODAYbut none seeks to explain just where the legend comes from until the documentary.

Serving as producer and director, Diggs is a Kansas City native who has worn many hats in the film industry. He has worked on assignment in Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, which he covered before and after the 2009 earthquake.

Fossland, also a producer and writer for the documentary, is another KC native with a political science degree from KU. His enthusiasm for discovering how history and people shape culture and his passion for the local restaurant industry served as the catalyst for this documentary project.

A flyer from the first Kansas City Barbecue Documentary fundraiser. The documentary will appear on store shelves this fall.

Finally, Julie Clark, a KC native herself, will also produce this project, bringing with her tons of Los Angeles film industry experience, such as following food trucks around the nation for Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race.”

The Kansas City Barbecue Documentary is slated to appear on screen and DVD this fall, but for those who cannot wait, Diggs and Fossland have appeared on and talked to local news sources about the documentary and their barbecue philosophies.

Besides a quick Google search, interviews and more information can be found on their website and on their Facebook page at