KC’s Must See Fall Exhibitions: Nerman Museum

Polychrome Fiction, abstract paintings by Joanne Greenbaum and Jackie Saccoccia, curated by Bruce Hartman

Polychrome Fiction pairs the work of Joanne Greenbaum and Jackie Saccoccio, two New York City-based abstract painters.

Greenbaum’s large-scale, wildly colored canvases often feature schematic linear constructions evocative of fantastic structures.

Bruce Hartman, executive director of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Saccoccio’s works, completed during her residency at the American Academy in Rome, Italy, are titled “Portraits.” However, facial semblance is hidden among the webs, drips and washes of richly hued paint.

Find out more about Polychrome Fiction here. The exhibition runs until September 8th.

“The pairing of Greenbaum and Saccoccio’s monumental, abstract paintings highlights both artists’ interests in color, improvisational process and creating fictions, structural or psychological. While Greenbaum exhibits in Europe, Polychrome Fiction is her first major museum exhibition in the United States. Saccoccio’s new works were completed during a residency at the American Academy in Rome.”