MyAppsAnywhere: NetStandard’s Cloud Computing Platform

NetStandard’s newest cloud computing and data storage suite balances simplicity and versatility.

Businesses catering to customers with data storage needs in this technological age should look no further than cloud computing. Setting up a server and purchasing software is costly and time-consuming, but information technology service providers offer convenient and secure platforms, which serve customers more efficiently than previous solutions.

NetStandard (2000 Merriam Lane, Kansas City, Kan.) is one such provider located in the metropolitan area. Launched in 2007, NetStandard offers technological solutions for the modern age. Myappsanywhere, NetStandard’s cloud brand, gives subscribers the ability to store their data on the Internet, allowing for accessibility anywhere, whether that be on a desktop in an office or a tablet at a coffee shop. NetStandard’s platform possesses the ability to work seamlessly among diverse industries, too.

John Leek, chief technology officer for NetStandard.

“The physical and virtual aspects of our platform allow for it to work for different industries,” John Leek, chief technology officer for NetStandard, says. “Two good examples of this would be our work for a warehouse supplier versus our work for an entertainment venue. For the warehouse supplier, myappsanywhere can keep track of inventory and sales. And for the event management company, our service provides a means to track their ticket sales and event calendar.”

Cloud computing, while incredibly efficient for some businesses, does not necessarily work for all businesses.

“Cloud computing really works best for small to medium-sized companies. The businesses that strive to save money on power and hardware and do not have in-house IT departments can really benefit from cloud computing,” Leek says. “In addition to the storage space, they have access to IT experts.”

Technology is fast and often unpredictable, but a more interconnected, information-driven future is already on the horizon. Security is evolving to the point where one password can unlock information in all environments. In five to ten years, Leek believes systems will become more fluid and integrated.

“Companies are evolving to gain virtual networks from many places. We are reaching the point where Internet access will be ubiquitous. Individuals will have the tools to complete work anywhere,” Leek says.

The deals NetStandard completes these days almost always include cloud computing as part of the package, a sign of the times in technology. Despite its popularity, Leek thinks there are still important things for businesses to consider before choosing cloud computing, such as whether or not a service provider and its platform meets the expectations of a business.