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Made in KC: Rawxies Healthy, Tasty Treats

Not quite a cookie, not quite a bar. Rawxies can be enjoyed anytime of the day; breakfast, mid-morning snack, or dessert.

Rawxies were created by CEO and Founder Callie England. When she first began dreaming up Rawxies, England was working as an art director in Kansas City. Determined to follow her dreams, England moved to California to gain use of a gluten-free commercial kitchen in Sebastopol, using her Kansas City Art Institute degree and love of cooking to craft a delicious and visually appealing product.

After spending 16 months in the Bay Area, and after gaining 60 accounts across the nation, England decided to plant her professional and personal roots back home.

Now, Rawxies are produced in the East Bottoms, a few blocks from Local Pig.

“The easiest decision I ever made was choosing to relocate Rawxies back to Kansas City. The coast is great for vacationing, but I was making a decision that required thinking long term and nothing trumped the idea of planting roots back in the Midwest,” says England.

 The fantastic success of Local Pig, not to mention Kansas City’s rich barbecue culture, is proof that KC’s carnivorous culture is still thriving. It would seem that a place like this might not embrace Rawxies, but the overwhelming response is that they are a tasty snack among all snacks, vegan or relentlessly sugary.

Merging her love of design, branding, food and health, England was able to make Rawxies a success, nurtured by her presence on the blogosphere at There, she remains the accessible head of a company getting an endless stream of press acknowledgement.

Rawxies come in mint chocolate chip, lemon poppyseed and banana nut bread varieties.

They can be found in multiple locations around the Kansas City metro, including Whole Foods, Parisi Coffee, Fusion Fitness, Little Freshies, Boulevard Brewery and many, many more.

To find a Rawxie-selling store before an afternoon craving hits hard, visit