Business Philosophy: There is a Time for Every Purpose

Bob Bennett, founder of Commworld of Kansas City, offers tips on positive investments you can make with your most important asset: your time.


The theme for this month’s issue of KC Business is “Investments and Commercial Real Estate.” To elaborate on these topics, one of the informational sources I chose to share with you was the Internet.

A Bing search on “Investments” returns 110,000,000 results. Do a Google Search on “Investments” and you see “About 237,000,000 results (0.29 seconds).”

Search Google for “Real Estate” and you will see “About 3,680,000,000 results (0.30 seconds).” Do a Bing search on “Real Estate” and you see 102,000,000 results.

That’s a lot of results and these numbers were nearly overwhelming to me.

In case you wish to check the results of the numbers above, you will find that with any given series of searches on either of these search engines, the results may vary by as much as 2 million to 20 million.

When I see 3.68 billion Internet results for a subject, I shake my head and wonder, “Who the heck put all that information out there in the cloud and how long did it take them?” I realize that there were not that many individual posts, and probably hundreds or even tens of thousands of the results have been repeatedly posted. As you can probably tell, I’m not an Internet expert, but that has to be SEO on steroids.

If I spent only 30 seconds each to look at every one of the 3.68 billion Google real estate search results, then it would take me 6,069.25 years, not including time spent on downloads. However, I believe I could then deservedly be considered an expert in real estate matters. Even with that accolade, I’m not convinced it would be a worthwhile investment of time.

Due to my self-induced ADHD, my interest in investments and real estate waned and the matter of time investment became a more compelling subject. The time it takes to put the stuff out there and the time it takes to research all the stuff seemed quixotic. Time became my focus, so I decided to share ideas on how people may invest their time to live happier lives. After all, time is the most valuable asset we humans have been gifted with in this existence. If we no longer have time, we have no need to invest in any of the material things on this Earth. Therefore, we should choose to use our time for the maximum benefit to our lives.

Each of us on this planet has at our disposal the same exact twenty-four hours every day to live, work, study, play and spend any way we choose. Why do so many people experience hardships and unhappy lives while a select few have what appears to be an affluent and happy life?

The secret to having the happiest life on Earth can be summed up in one word: Choices. Choices we make during our life determine whether we are happy or sad, wealthy or poor, liked or disliked, successful or a failure. It is wonderful and amazing that we can make just a few choices to change our attitude, beliefs and memories and those choices will have a profound and everlasting positive effect on the remainder of our lives.


1. Help someone else in need. You never feel bad when you are helping others.

2. Practice thanks and gratitude each and every day. It will greatly improve your life and outlook.

3. Learn to meditate. Twenty minutes of true meditation will reward you with peace, health and happiness.

4. Take half an hour each day away from TV and dedicate it to studying one subject to enhance the value to your life objectives. In four years, you will be a world-class expert and reap commensurate benefits.

5. Always do more than what you are asked to do or paid to do. Everybody wins, especially you.

6. Accept responsibility for your own actions and happiness. You will feel good about yourself and gain respect from others.

7. Learn a process like Faster EFT, NLP or self-hypnosis to change memories and eliminate negative emotions and bad feelings. This choice will improve your life immediately and be a tool to benefit you and others for the remainder of your life.

The Internet and dictionaries have many definitions for investments. Most of them involve you turning your assets over to others to manage. That can be wonderful; however, the most valuable assets you have are your life and time. You control how you invest them. The most valuable return you can look for is a purposeful life of health, wealth and happiness. Invest your time wisely.