Five Companies in the “Corridor”

Innovative products and technology foster growth in the Animal Health Corridor

1 SCD Probiotics

 “SCD is a home-grown Missouri company looking at novel uses for their technology in the animal health industry,” Ashlie Hand, KC Area Development Council vice president of communications, says. Sustainable Community Development (SCD) was founded in 1998 to provide sustainable solutions to several problems faced by the agricultural industry.

Today, SCD provides organic, sustainable solutions to challenges in the following areas: agricultural, livestock operations, industrial waste treatments, bioremediation efforts, aquaculture, human health and residential home/garden.

(SCD Probiotics, 1627 Main St., Ste. 100,

2 SmartVet USA

 A fourth-generation cattle rancher founded SmartVet, an Australian company, in an effort to solve everyday problems that farmers face. Thinking from a farmer’s perspective, the company attempts to make technologies cost-effective and efficient. SmartVet invented the VetCap Delivery Systems, an innovative new way to apply pour-on insecticide.

In conjunction with AgriLabs, SmartVet developed the Advanced Insecticide Management (AIM) line of products—the first product of its kind to be approved for use and regulation in the United States. The product helps control parasites such as horn flies, face flies and biting and sucking lice. According to Hand, SmartVet is a company to watch because of its technological advances.

(SmartVet USA, 22201 W. Innovation Drive, Olathe,

3 Parnell

 Parnell, another Australian company that is new to the Animal Health Corridor, is “establishing brand presence in the U.S.,” Kimberly Young, KC Area Development Council vice president of biosciences, says. The company has developed a variety of solutions for companion animals, such as dogs; performance animals, such as horses; and production animals, such as beef and dairy cows.

For dogs with osteoarthritis, Parnell has developed and manufactures Glyde, a combination of three products that are naturally occurring. Mixed in with food once a day, Glyde helps to build cartilage and blocks the formation of blood clots. In addition, Parnell manufactures Zyndax and the Syncronization Pack.

(Parnell, 5251 W. 116th Place, Ste. 200, Leawood,

4 Argenta

New Zealand’s Argenta is a research, development and manufacturing company working to improve the health of both companion animals and livestock. Their mission is to be the leading provider of new veterinary product development and pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services to the international animal health industry. The company, founded in 2006, can distribute their FDA-approved products in the United States. Argenta is a contract research organization (CRO). Agenta is “one of the only CROs focused solely on the animal health industry,” Young says.

(Argenta, 1901 Olathe Blvd., Kansas City, Kan.,

5 Ecto Development

 Ecto moved into a facility in Blue Springs, Mo. from Excelsior Springs, the heart of the Animal Health Corridor, in October 2012. The 19-year-old company offers the animal health and specialty pesticide industry new formulations, concepts and products, including contract product development and consulting services.

The company has several new formulations for pour-on, spot-on and tablet insecticides. “With Ecto’s expertise in pesticides, they are a great example of the Corridor’s strength in agricultural technologies,” Hand says.

(Ecto Development Corporation, 850 NW Pink Hill Road, Blue Springs, Mo.,