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Fitness Essentials Spring 2013


Find some fitness gear for your spring flings that you can get right here in Kansas City.


Spring reminds us that physical fitness is not just a workout; it’s a way of life. Warmer temps make exercise available anywhere. Turn the page to find the latest products, trends and styles for an active life.


Bikini season is rapidly approaching, and those hoping to flaunt it at the pool are hitting the gym. Tired of the same old workout? Check out Bulgarian Bags ($89.95 and up). Originally conceived for wrestlers, this fitness tool has moved into the personal fitness realm and is being used in strength and conditioning exercises around the metro, including at Lift Above Creative Training in Lee’s Summit.

These sand-filled bags (available in leather, synthetic leather or canvas, ranging from 11-50 pounds) are available online at suples.com, the website of the original Bulgarian Bags manufacturer. The website also includes sample workouts such as how to incorporate the bag in lunges and other everyday exercises.

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Whether at home or in the office, exercising outside of a gym requires the same amount of equipment in a much smaller space. Fitness equipment takes up space and clutters what was once a neat and tidy area. Advanced Fitness Consulting, a local personal training service, provides its clients with products that minimize space consumption and maximize workout intensity, such as the PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Set ($149).

This dumbbell set combines eight pairs of dumbbells, totaling 216 pounds, into one set of dumbbells that can be used at various weights between 3 and 24 pounds. Visit afcpersonaltrainerskc.com for more information about Advanced Fitness Consulting.    – Alex Kluesner




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