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Kevin Bryce

Most people tend to switch off a bit during their daily commutes, but it was his bus rides between his home in downtown KC and classes at the University of Missouri-Kansas City that opened Kevin Bryce’s eyes to a major issue in the city’s urban core. Bryce couldn’t help noticing that the Kansas City he saw through the bus windows varied greatly from day to day based on whether he caught the bus that runs down Main St. or took the Troost route.

After earning a communications degree with an emphasis on film and media, Bryce took on an internship with an organization based at 31st and Troost. That experience offered him insight into the grassroots movement to revitalize the area and improve opportunities for its residents. “The media always focuses on the violence and drugs and prostitution,” says Bryce. “This was a story that wasn’t being told.”

Bryce set out to tell that story in his film “We Are Superman.” The documentary focuses on the people who are working to transform the Troost corridor and communicates the idea that the power to bring change to a community is in its residents’ hands.

Although the film focuses on a specific area in Kansas City, Bryce has been invited to share the film and its lessons through screenings for community organizations and schools near and far. To help spread the message further, no screening fees are attached to the DVD, which was released earlier this year.


Kelly Porter and Bridget CochranPorter Teleo’s hand-painted wallcoverings and fabrics have been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Architectural Digest and can be seen in 10 showrooms throughout the U.S. and Canada, but you don’t have to go far to get your hands on designers Porter and Cochran’s creations. They’re still based right here in town.

Scott Hall – As the KC Chamber’s vice president for strategic initiatives, Hall has a big responsibility—make that five big responsibilities. He’s the point person for the chamber’s Big 5 initiatives, which include making KC America’s most entrepreneurial city, growing medical research and a global symposium for animal health, one item that Hall has already checked off the list.