2014 Rising Stars of KC Business: Sarah Richardson

Does your company experience “technical complexities?” Sarah Richardson can lead you out of the tunnel.

When she was a child, the parents of Sarah Richardson could have sworn she would end up as a prosecuting attorney. The 39-year-old CIO at HCA MidAmerica Division in Kansas City, Mo., says her mom and dad made the assumption because “I questioned everything and always had to debate everything.”

Although Richardson’s career trajectory landed her in the healthcare realm instead of the legal industry, she’s quick to point out that the prosecutorial attributes she displayed as a young girl overlap with the skillset she employs to increase efficiencies, improve processes and deliver higher quality for patients, practitioners and staff throughout the HCA MidAmerica Division.

Equipped with an MBA, Richardson brings an IT background to her current position and has taken on roles throughout her career that demonstrate an aptitude for making organizations work better. This particular skill came in handy when Richardson headed up efforts to merge “culturally contrasting divisions,” according to her Rising Stars nomination.

Throughout the 18-month process, Richardson is credited with creating cultural alignment, a reduction of technological complexities and the establishment of best practice standards and project governance. Her abilities are superseded only by her positive attitude towards her colleagues. “It’s always about paying it forward,” Richardson says. “You have to find ways to give back.”

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