2014 Rising Stars of KC Business Michelle Marriott

Michelle Marriott is making a name for herself in an area of law that might be one of the most swiftly-changing in the world.

After Michelle Marriott earned her undergraduate degree in journalism, she went on to work in the advertising industry. The part of her work she enjoyed most was “finding creative solutions,” she says. These days, Marriott applies her penchant for creative solutions as a lawyer at Overland Park-based Erise IP. The 36-year-old is a shareholder at the boutique firm, which specializes in intellectual property (IP).

In an ongoing case, Marriott works with a video game publisher as part of a defense team involved in a patent-infringement lawsuit. Other defendants in the case include Microsoft Corp. and several other video game developers.

Perhaps one reason why Marriott sees so much creativity in intellectual property law is because many of these legal issues involve technologies that are still being discovered. “IP law is young; it’s continuing to evolve,” she says.

Erise IP’s position as a pioneer in this facet of the legal realm matched with Marriott’s ability to help clients protect their intellectual property is the “fun part about it,” she says. Intellectual property is “one area where lawyering really matters.”

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