2014 Rising Stars of KC Business: Adam Gebhardt

The term that 36-year-old Adam Gebhardt uses to describe himself as a child is “hyper-creative.”

It’s an apt description considering Gebhardt’s role as director of marketing for Kansas City, Mo.-based TIVOL, where he’s tasked with overseeing social media, graphic design, advertising and all other creative efforts to keep the 104-year-old company at the forefront of KC’s leading jewelry retailers.

Shortly after joining TIVOL in fall 2011, Gebhardt was charged with bringing all marketing efforts in-house as opposed to outsourcing to an advertising agency. In addition, he led a major redesign of the company’s website to more aptly display its large inventory of luxury jewels and timepieces, while making it mobile friendly for clients on the go. When the site went live the following year, TIVOL had “a first-class website that changed our mobile presence,” he says. In addition, plans to enter the e-commerce segment are forthcoming.

A few months after launching the new website, TIVOL developed its first mobile app to notify clients of store promotions and events, and it continues to attract new generations of fans through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. “You’re only appealing to a small market if you focus solely on corporate press releases,” Gebhardt notes. “In the past few years, we’ve tried to be more creative with our social media and a lot more interactive with our customers.”

In fact, TIVOL has ingeniously employed social media to help bolster its philanthropy efforts. Last fall, for instance, Gebhardt teamed up with Great Plains SPCA and Ron Berg Photography to create an ad campaign that connects luxury jewelry with the effort to find loving homes for homeless pets, while providing visibility to the local animal welfare organization. “We’re always looking for ways to be forward thinking, and I have a marketing department and team who help me meet that challenge every day,” Gebhardt says.