2014 Rising Stars of Kansas City Business: Grant Burch

Meet the 24-year-old Magic Man at NetStandard, Grant Burch.

Working in the Kansas City, Kan., offices of NetStandard Inc., 24-year-old Grant Burch has already proven himself to be a capable company leader. To those who know him, this comes as no surprise. According to his Rising Star nomination, Burch has “taken ownership” of the company’s quarterly review process to take previously ineffective and time-consuming reviews and make them a valuable business resource.

While simultaneously holding down a full-time job and taking online courses, Burch received a degree in 2012 focused on information security. He also carries a number of Microsoft certifications. “I’m [on] the right path for what I want to do in my life,” he says.

In discussing his various career accomplishments, Burch says he’s driven to achieve to the highest of his abilities. “I think I am self-made,” he remarks. “It’s because of the values my parents instilled in me.”