Design & Remodeling

Transform A Room for Winter

The dawn of winter is awakened by subtle décor transitions that make the change from warm tones to stark contrasts absolutely seamless. Local designer Laura McCroskey lends her design eye to transform this room into a haven from the cold.



THROW BLANKET Faux or not, a luscious mink throw with rich and slightly patterned grooves adds a velvety impression to a room. A sensuous faux piece, such as the Bella Lounge Throw ($650) by Peacock Alley from Annabelle’s Linens (11547 Ash St., Leawood) accomplishes such a goal.


DARK COFFEETABLE Deep tones not only echo the season’s mood, they accentuate the brighter colors to create a pleasing contrast. McCroskey suggests incorporating a natural element with a wood coffee table, such as the elm wood piece ($1,200) from Black Bamboo (114 Southwest Blvd.).


WOOL RUG A white wool rug will coat a space like a blanket of snow, adding none of the chill and all of the warmth and drama that comes with a plush focal point. If kids or pets aren’t a factor (or if they are and you’re just optimistic), try a rug such as the Flokati piece ($97) at Soft Surroundings (405 Nichols Road).


WINTER FOLIAGE Just because the trees have shed their beautiful hues doesn’t mean home décor should follow suit. Bring a natural element indoors with sprigs of winterberry, such as those incorporated into this arrangement from Bergamot + Ivy (520 W. Pennway St.). McCroskey suggests pairing it with crab apples or birchwood.