KC Magazine Sexy Singles: Jenn Tosatto


On her reading list: Classic Greek and Roman mythology, Stephen King and Shakespeare.

Claim to fame: Being named one of 20 finalists for the inaugural USA Diagio World Class Competition.

Dream vacation: Attending a New England Patriots game at Foxboro Stadium and sitting behind the uprights on the home side.

On the runway? Toss-up between Ludo’s “Whipped Cream” and Pink’s “So What”

One could argue that Jenn Tosatto’s talents for serving up delicious concoctions really got their start at her local Baskin Robbins, where Tosatto scooped ice cream for her first after-school job. Nearly a decade later, Tosatto has a knack for cocktail creations and bartender flair (credit her BFA in Theater Performance, perhaps), and a regular following at her two mainstays—the Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange and Manifesto.

Tosatto is one of Kansas City’s highly lauded bartenders. Along with placing second in the hotly contested Paris of the Plains Cocktail Competition this year, she was one of 20 finalists for the USA Diagio World Class Competition.

“It was a validation that I had not chosen the wrong path, and that I could hold my own among the best of the best,” says Tosatto.

When she’s not tending bar, Tosatto is a quick and generous volunteer. She is currently the vice president of the Kansas City chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild, where she pairs up with Harvesters and other organizations for quarterly charity days. Tosatto readily lends her mixing talents to charity events as well, including CCVI and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Her profession lead her directly into the path of her mentor—a man well-known in this city for his own talents with a cocktail shaker.

“When I hear the term ‘mentor,’ I can only think about Ryan Maybee,” says Tosatto. “I arrived in Kansas City, young and naïve in the bar business but with a hunger to do more. Even though I shook his Manhattan the first time we met, he somehow took an interest in me.”

Years later, Tosatto credits Maybee with teaching her not just about being a bartender, but about being successful in business and in life.

“He has no problem telling me I’m wrong,” she says, “but he’s always there to offer advice on how to fix it.”

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